Hoise Metal Works: A large industrial corporation located in Kartica. The corporation owns 10 factories that produce a wide range of products in the field of transportation and mechanization such as steam-powered production machines, locomotives, and vehicles, ships, airships, and balloons. The company also manufactures many parts for Mobila the transportation system in the city of Dovira.
Layla Bat Yaar claims that the corporation played a crucial role in the invasion of Tatnuga in 1840 and in Kartica's deterioration into the coal war that broke out in 1849. (Dates according to our count).


A steam elevator manufactured by Hoise Metal Works in the Radham Tower in the city of Dovira.

tree cutter.jpg

A logging machine manufactured by Hoise Metal Works.

According to Layla Bat Yaar: Machines of this type were used by the invaders to Tetanuga in 1840. (Date according to our count).