Somies: They Live in the swamps area of ​​Sarsin Island. Feed on small fish, worms, insects, and the nectar of the cocoom flower. Their height is about 30 cm. Their color is light green and their legs resemble duck legs. They can stay underwater for 15 minutes and even more that allows them to collect gemstones from the bottom of the swamp. The nectar of the cocoom flower is an important component of their diet. It vaccinates them for topicimia, a severe disease caused by a leech.


This is what Ademon writes about them:

I found them to be good and hospitable creatures. They treated me and fed me with worms and fish until my strength returned to me. For a whole month, I lived with them and ate from their food and never heard from them words of anger or rebuke.


This is how he writes about Koyam: she is a diligent and brave fisherman. She brings the largest amount of fish to the tribal meal each day. No one knows the swamp plain better than she does. She accompanied and guided me on my journey to Yol to hear his advice.